Shoreline Vineyard Life Groups

Better Together


You can find out about all the current life groups in our weekly eBulletin that we send out by email. You can join our weekly email update by filling out the form on THIS page.  If you’re not ready for that, you can view the latest weekly eBulletin online HERE.

We have found that growing in our relationship with God is not a solo venture. Doing life together is better!  It’s hard to make meaningful connections when we only see people on Sundays. So we meet during the week in people’s homes or other locations to build real friendships, grow closer to God through things like praying for each other, studying the Bible, serving others, and helping each other out with stuff.  We don’t do all of that every time we meet but those are some of the elements that make up a healthy life together.

Our Life Groups offer different locations and groups of people.  Some groups are a mixture of singles and marrieds from different life stages. Others have a similar demographic. Still others have a special purpose, like prayer or relationship growth. Many Life Groups have between 6-12 people and all are welcoming of newcomers. These are organic groups so each one is different and offers a different experience with a single heart: to experience and extend God’s life-changing love.

Sharing in the joys and challenges of life with other people who care for us leads to a rich experience in our journey with God. We get to practice what God is teaching us with others who will listen, nicely challenge, and nurture us. We get to practice new skills, use our talents and gifts, and serve people in our community with others who we know and trust.