The Church

October 7, 2018
Who is the church?  What is the church?  Where is the church?  In this message, Marc Potocsky teaches about the importance of fellowship, community, "one anothering", and the community of saints.

Divine Healing

September 2, 2018
Does God still heal today?  Some say the gift of healing has ceased, but James tells us in James 5:13-18 to pray for healing if we are sick. Through prayer,…

Mature Patience

August 26, 2018
It seems that no matter how much we try, we cannot keep bad things from happening. We are left wondering if there is any rhyme or reason to the problems…

War and Peace

August 19, 2018
It's no great surprise that worldly pride promotes strife and all kinds of conflict in this world.  We see evidence of strife, wars, and fighting every day that stem from…

Taming the Tongue

August 12, 2018
The Bible describes the tongue as an uncontrollable fire, an instrument of evil, and a deadly poison.  The tongue wields great power to hurt and curse; but under the right…

Don’t be a Fool

August 5, 2018
James addresses his brothers and sisters in the Lord and reminds them that the fruit of their lives is the evidence of their faith.  In this message we look at…