Unnamed Missionaries to Jordan

SVC is proud to partner with a dedicated family serving in Amman, Jordan. Due to the sensitive nature of their mission and the potential risks they face, we choose not to disclose their names online. Our foremost concern is to protect their well-being and the effectiveness of their ministry.

This remarkable family is on a multifaceted mission in Amman. They are driven by a deep sense of compassion and faith. On one front, they provide essential medical care to those in need, extending a healing touch to the local community. Simultaneously, their commitment to education shines through as they work to empower young minds in the region.

But their mission doesn’t stop there. They carry a profound message of love and freedom, introducing Jesus Christ to Muslim families in Amman. Their dedication to spreading the message of hope and faith is truly inspiring.

Though we can’t reveal their identities, we can share their journey with you. Join us in supporting this family through your prayers and unwavering faith. Together, we can make a difference in Amman and help them continue their vital work.

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