Sunday Mornings

We invite you to join us for a Sunday morning service. Dress is casual, and the atmosphere is relaxed. When you arrive, you will be greeted and invited to have a cup of coffee or tea, and to enjoy a bagel or donut. We enjoy catching up with each other before and after the service, so you are likely to see an animated bunch of people enjoying each other!

The service opens with prayer and then the opportunity to worship God in song. Sometimes we have a worship team and sometimes we sing along to prerecorded lyric videos. The videos contain copyrighted music so we cannot stream that portion of the service online. We are praying for a full time worship team and hope to be able to worship together live soon.

After worship, there are announcements and a chance to refresh your coffee before a message is given by Pastor Chris. The message usually is 30 minutes in length and includes a handout for taking notes as you follow along.

The whole service is usually done by noon, and then there is more time that people spend enjoying each other after. We hope you will join us on a Sunday!

A hug!

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