Vision Sunday

March 3, 2019
It's important that when you are selecting a church family that you are in alignment with the principles of that church. In this message, Pastor Chris shares the history of…

These Three Remain

February 24, 2019
1 Corinthians 13 seems to be a staple in nearly every modern wedding - whether it is a religious gathering or not. Why is that? Could it be that faith,…

Divine Direction

February 17, 2019
Our lives are a summary of the decisions we have made. We continue to have large and small decisions in so many areas of our lives and many times we…

Hearing from God

February 10, 2019
As we send out Grant and Amy Brandsen, Grant shares how he has heard the voice of God as he has sought direction in his life.

Comfort Zone Followup

January 13, 2019
A follow-up to last week's message on getting out of our comfort zone and sharing our faith. Chris Syvertsen recaps the previous week and Marc Potacksy gets into the roots…

Comfort Zone

January 6, 2019
One look at a reclining chair and what comes to mind is comfort. Kicking back, taking in a good book or video and easing into a time set aside for…