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My Bible – Introduction

What comes to your mind when the Bible is mentioned? How did you come to feel the way you feel? For some, the Bible is the greatest treasure on Earth….

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God’s Gifts to Us – Purpose

The Christmas season represents the fulfillment of the promise that God would send a savior to us, a king for a new kingdom, a Messiah that would take away the…

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Linked – Why We Need Each Other

A vital function of the Christian church is facilitating connections. Connections between individuals and God, connections between each other, and connections out and into our communities and daily lives. We…

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Good God – No Worries

In Psalm 23, the most famous chapter of the Bible, it tells us, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I will lack nothing!”  God doesn’t want us to worry about anything—yet…

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My Bible – How My Bible Changes Me

Our lives are all about making changes. Changes to our relationships, our living conditions, our careers, our recreation – everything in our life revolves around changing things for the better….

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