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The Power of Love – Everlasting Love

No matter how our culture changes, one thing remains the sameā€”the longing for lasting love. We sing about it, we watch movies with happily-ever-after endings. Something in us knows that…

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Got Hope?

Love expects, God expects. What do we expect? What does it really mean to get our hopes up? Join us this week as Marc Potocsky takes a look at Biblical…

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Think Again About Sin

SIN – It is perhaps one of the dirtiest words in the Bible. Many people consider it to be sin when we break one of God’s ‘many rules’ that we…

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Teen Challenge

This week SVC welcomed one of the ministries that we are proud to support: Adult and Teen Challenge of New England. Teen Challenge works on a Christ-centered model of drug…

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Think Again About Love

The Bible tells us that not only does God love us, but it also tells us that God IS love. We try to simplify the idea of love based upon…

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