The Triumphant Life – Gear Up! – Part II

Are you ready to “Gear Up” for the spiritual battles in your life? Join us as this week as we look at pairing the last three pieces of spiritual armor from Ephesians 6 with the remaining virtues that can empower us in our daily walk with God, shield our minds from negativity, and equip us to confront the complexities of life.


  1. Integrity and Purity: How can we maintain integrity and purity in our lives in a world filled with temptations? Share practical steps or experiences where these virtues made a difference.
  2. Serenity: What are some common sources of stress and anxiety in our lives? How can we apply the concept of serenity to deal with these challenges?
  3. Certainty: Share a time when your faith in God’s promises helped you overcome doubt or uncertainty. How can we strengthen our shield of faith in our daily lives?
  4. Sanity: Discuss the impact of negative thoughts and worldly influences on our minds. How can we guard our minds with the helmet of salvation, especially in a culture filled with distractions?
  5. Maturity: How can we grow in our ability to use the Word of God effectively against the schemes of the enemy? Share practical ways you have personally applied Scripture to overcome challenges.
  6. The Sword of the Spirit: Share Bible verses that have been particularly powerful in your life. How can we encourage one another to memorize and use Scripture in our daily battles?
  7. Prayer and Preparation: How can we make morning prayer a consistent practice to mentally prepare ourselves for the spiritual battles we face each day? Share personal experiences or strategies for effective prayer.
  8. Application: What specific steps can we take this week to apply the principles of this message in our lives? How can we support each other in living victoriously with the spiritual armor?
  9. Sharing Victories: Share a recent victory that you’ve experienced in applying these virtues and the spiritual armor. How did these principles help you in real-life situations
  10. Personal Challenges: Can you identify one area in your life where you need to strengthen your spiritual armor. How can the group pray and support you in this journey?
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