Daring to Commit

Ever wonder why some people seem to live with such purpose and joy? It’s not by accident. It’s through deliberate choices that align with God’s incredible plan for us. This week, we step into a topic that hits right at the heart of daring faith. It’s about pushing past the fear of commitment to discover how our deepest needs are met when we choose to commit fully to God and each other. We’ll break down what it means to commit to something bigger than ourselves and how these commitments can transform ordinary lives into extraordinary testimonies of faith, love, and action.


  1. How does committing to worship with others strengthen your faith differently than worshiping alone?
  2. In what ways have relationships or community helped reveal your identity and purpose that you might not have discovered on your own?
  3. Discuss a time when learning from others in a small group or church community led to personal growth. What was the key takeaway for you?
  4. Reflect on a moment when serving others made you feel significant. What did you do, and how did it impact both you and those you served?
  5. How does joining with others on a mission amplify the impact of your efforts? Share an example from your own experience.
  6. Why do you think God designed us to fulfill our purposes in community rather than in isolation?
  7. How can fear of commitment hinder our growth and fulfillment of God’s purposes for our lives? Discuss ways to overcome this fear.
  8. What does it mean to you to make an eternal difference? How can you, in partnership with others, contribute to this goal in your community?
  9. Reflect on the statement, “You cannot be selfish and significant at the same time.” How does this resonate with your understanding of Christian service and ministry?
  10. In light of our discussion on commitments, what is one area of your life you feel God nudging you to commit more deeply to? How can this community support you in that commitment?

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