From Mercy to Mission – Part II

What if everything you’ve ever done or failed to do couldn’t disqualify you from a life of meaning and purpose? This week we continue our exploration of God’s magnificent mercy—a force so strong it redefines our past, present, and future. We’ll see that the mercy of God isn’t just a backdrop for biblical stories; it’s the active, driving force that invites each of us into a life beyond our imaginations. Whether you’ve felt disqualified, unqualified, or simply inadequate, discover how God’s relentless mercy can transform your perceived limitations into launchpads for a purpose-driven life. Join us as we continue to learn how our very imperfections are the canvas on which God paints His masterpieces.


  1. How can embracing the idea that “it’s not about me” change the way we interact with others in our daily lives?
  2. In what situations do you find it most challenging to remember that life isn’t just about your own desires or goals?
  3. Can you share an example from your life where shifting focus from yourself to others brought unexpected benefits?
  4. How does the message of being like “clay jars” (ordinary and humble containers for God’s power) resonate with your understanding of service and ministry?
  5. Discuss a time when recognizing your own weaknesses or limitations allowed God to work more clearly through you.
  6. How can we help each other as a community to keep our focus on Jesus rather than on our own achievements or failures?
  7. What are some practical ways we can remind ourselves daily that our ultimate purpose is tied to Christ and not to our personal success?
  8. How does the idea that we are mere vessels for God’s work influence your perception of leadership and service in the church?
  9. In what ways can acknowledging our weaknesses strengthen our community and our collective mission?
  10. How can we encourage each other to use our personal pains and struggles for the benefit of others, following Paul’s example?

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