God’s Mercy Over Our Failures – Part 1

What if your biggest failure could become your greatest story of redemption? This week we take a look at the universal experience of failure and how God’s mercy meets us in our lowest moments. We’ll see how Peter, one of Jesus’ closest friends, faced a massive failure but found incredible mercy and restoration. We will uncover how we can navigate our own failures with grace, learning from Peter’s mistakes and his eventual triumph. Discover the hope and transformation that God’s mercy brings to our lives, no matter how badly we’ve messed up!


  1. How have you seen overestimating your strengths lead to failure in your life or in others’ lives?
  2. Why do you think we often underestimate our vulnerabilities and temptations?
  3. How does the fear of disapproval from others impact your decision-making and actions?
  4. In what ways have you experienced the consequences of speaking without thinking?
  5. Can you share a time when you tried to move on from a failure without fully processing it? What was the outcome?
  6. How can we balance being aware of our weaknesses without letting them define us?
  7. How have you experienced support from a small group or community during a time of failure?
  8. What does it mean to you to cast your cares on God’s mercy, and how have you practiced this in your own life?
  9. How do you respond when triggers remind you of past failures? What strategies help you focus on God’s mercy instead of the pain?
  10. How can understanding Peter’s story of failure and redemption help you in your personal journey with Christ?
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