Mercy that Saves – Part 2

Have you ever wondered what it really means to be saved and why it matters so much?

This week we continuing our look into how God’s magnificent mercy saves us with Part II of the message.. Last time, we talked about how we get lost and what we lose when we’re disconnected from God. This week, we’ll explore the incredible ways God’s mercy rescues us from ourselves, recovers our lost potential, and reconnects us to Him. Whether you’ve been following Jesus for years or you’re just feeling a bit lost, this message will show you how deeply you matter to God and how His love can transform your life. Don’t miss out on this powerful reminder of God’s Magnificent Mercy!


  1. What are some common misconceptions about God’s mercy that you think people have?
  2. How does understanding God’s mercy change the way we view our own lives and our relationship with Him?
  3. In the story of the prodigal son, what do you think was the turning point for the son, and how can we relate to that in our own lives?
  4. Have you ever experienced a time when you felt lost due to your own choices, circumstances, or natural tendencies? How did you find your way back?
  5. Why do you think it’s important to recognize our value to God, even when we feel lost?
  6. How does recognizing that we are our own biggest problem help us understand the need for God’s mercy and salvation?
  7. Can you share a time when you felt God’s mercy rescuing you from a difficult situation?
  8. What does it mean to you to “offer up yourself” to God, and how can this transform your relationship with Him?
  9. How can we apply the idea of recovering our potential in our daily lives and walk with God?
  10. What steps can we take to ensure that we stay connected to God and don’t drift away like the lost sheep or the prodigal son?
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