The Mercy of Our Father

Have you ever wondered what God’s mercy reveals about His role as our Father? This week we explore how God’s mercy gives us a deeper understanding of His fatherhood and the vision He has for us as His children. We’ll learn how He calls each of us to be agents of mercy in our everyday lives, reflecting His love and compassion to those around us. Join us to discover how embracing His vision for us can transform our relationships and communities.


  1. How does your understanding of God as a Father influence your daily life and relationship with Him?
  2. In what ways does recognizing God’s mercy help you deal with personal struggles or failures?
  3. Psalm 103 mentions several benefits of God’s mercy. Which one resonates with you the most and why?
  4. How can we practically bear fruit that glorifies God in our everyday interactions?
  5. What does it mean to you that Jesus’ sacrifice allows us to call God our Father?
  6. How can we reflect God’s mercy in our relationships with others?
  7. What are some ways we can cultivate a deeper awareness of God’s mercy in our lives?
  8. How does understanding God’s compassionate anger change your perspective on His discipline?
  9. What does it look like to wear the crown of God’s love and mercy in your life?
  10. How can we support each other in our small group to live out the truths of God’s mercy more fully?

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