Radical Freedom – Part I

In the United States, we throw the word freedom around wildly. However, far too many people don’t really understand what true freedom is. Most people believe freedom means no rules or limits, but real freedom, RADICAL freedom, is so much more than that. Radical freedom empowers us to say yes to what’s good and no to what’s self-destructive. It’s having a clear conscience and direct access to God whenever we need help. Join us as for this two part message taking about the five great freedoms we have as believers in Jesus and how they can transform our lives. 


  1. What does freedom mean to you? How has your understanding of freedom been shaped by your experiences and upbringing?
  2. The sermon talks about freedom as the power to say both yes and no. Can you think of any areas in your life where you struggle to say no to things that are harmful or destructive?
  3. The first freedom mentioned in the sermon is having a clear conscience through the forgiveness of sins. How does knowing that your past wrongs are forgiven impact your daily life and decision-making?
  4. In what ways has God empowered you to make positive changes in your life? Are there any areas where you feel you lack the power to say no to temptations or harmful behaviors?
  5. The sermon mentions that freedom is not just about the absence of limits but the power to do what is right. Can you share any personal experiences where embracing God’s power helped you overcome temptations or make positive choices?
  6. How can the concept of Radical Freedom impact your relationships with others? How might this understanding of freedom influence how you treat and interact with those around you?
  7. Reflect on a time when you felt truly free in Christ. What circumstances and choices contributed to that feeling, and how can you replicate it in other areas of your life?
  8. How can you encourage others within your community or church to embrace Radical Freedom and experience the transformative power of Christ in their lives?


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