Radical Freedom – Part II

Are you truly experiencing the freedom that Christ offers? What does freedom mean to you? Is it the ability to do whatever you want, whenever you want? As followers of Christ, we often talk about spiritual freedom, but taking a closer look at what it truly entails, we find that it’s more than just a catchy phrase; it’s a profound concept that can transform our lives.

Join us as Pastor Chris continues a message on Radical Freedom and what it means to be totally free! 


  1. What does the concept of “spiritual freedom” mean to you personally? How does it differ from other forms of freedom?
  2. The message discusses overcoming fear and the fear of death through spiritual freedom. How has your faith influenced your perspective on mortality and the unknown? How do you find comfort in the assurance of God’s presence?
  3. One point mentioned in the sermon is using our freedom to serve others. How can you practically apply this concept in your community or daily interactions? Can you think of ways to spread God’s love through acts of service?
  4. The message suggests that our daily choices either lead us toward greater freedom or further into bondage. How can you be more intentional in choosing actions that reflect your faith and contribute to your spiritual freedom?
  5. Share a personal experience where you felt spiritually liberated or free from a particular burden. What factors contributed to that sense of freedom?
  6. In what ways do societal norms, cultural pressures, or personal struggles sometimes hinder your experience of spiritual freedom? How can you navigate these challenges while remaining grounded in your faith?
  7. Consider the three steps mentioned in the sermon: submitting to the Holy Spirit, trusting the truth, and using freedom to serve. Which of these steps resonates with you the most, and how might you incorporate it into your spiritual journey?
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