Alpha Sunday

This Sunday we start a 40-day countdown to the launch of our Alpha program, set to begin on April 10th. Alpha represents our commitment to spiritual growth and community outreach, and I know I am eager to embark on this journey together.

This week we were especially blessed to welcome guests from Kingdom Life Church in Milford, CT. Their Alpha program has been a beacon of success and transformation, and they shared some valuable insights into what we can expect as we introduce Alpha within our own community. Listen as they share their stories and testimonies that are both uplifting and inspiring,


  1. Reflect on your initial thoughts about the Alpha program. What excites you the most about the opportunity to explore or revisit the basics of the Christian faith?
  2. Share a personal experience where an open, honest discussion about faith led to a deeper understanding or a significant change in perspective. How do you think Alpha could facilitate similar experiences?
  3. The power of prayer cannot be understated, especially as we prepare to launch Alpha. What are some specific ways we can pray for the program, its leaders, and its participants?
  4. Thinking about inviting others to join Alpha, who comes to mind? Share any hesitations you might have about extending an invitation and discuss strategies to overcome them.
  5. Reflecting on the testimonies shared from the Kingdom Life Church’s Alpha program, what impact do you hope to see in our community through our Alpha sessions?
  6. Discuss the role of hospitality and creating a welcoming environment in the success of Alpha. How can we contribute to making our Alpha sessions inviting and comfortable for all attendees?
  7. In what ways can we continue to support participants of the Alpha program after it concludes, to ensure their journey of faith doesn’t end with the last session?
  8. How has the anticipation of the Alpha program challenged or encouraged you to live out your faith more intentionally in daily life?

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