Letting Go! – Letting Go of Worry

It may be possible that Jehoshaphat got a reputation for jumping because he is so happy that he learned how to let go of worry. When facing a daunting challenge, King Jehoshaphat turned to God, reminded himself of God’s character and past faithfulness, confessed his inadequacy, and depended on God for help. As a result, he found peace and even blessings in the midst of difficult circumstances.

In this message, Pastor Chris takes a look at 2 Chronicles 20 to see how we can follow Jehoshaphat’s example and let go of worry in our own life, and experience the peace and blessings that come from trusting in God.


  1. How do you typically respond when faced with difficult circumstances? Do you turn to God for help? Why or why not?
  2. Do you tend to treat prayer as a last resort or a first choice? Why is it important to make prayer a priority in your life?
  3. What are some ways in which we can remind ourselves of who God is and what He has done in the past when we are struggling with doubt or fear?
  4. How can expressing thanks to God in advance of a difficult situation help us to trust Him more fully?
  5. What are some practical ways in which we can continually worship God on a daily basis?
  6. Have you ever experienced a situation where God used a hardship to teach you something about yourself or about Him? How did you respond to His teaching?
  7. How can we encourage others to turn to God in worship and prayer when they are struggling with difficult circumstances?
  8. How can you stand strong in difficult situations and trust God to work things out? What are some practical steps you can take to cultivate this mental attitude of quiet confidence?

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