The Power of Imagination – Part 2

How often do we limit our lives by what we can see and touch? In this message, we’ll explore the transformative power of imagination in our walk of faith. Imagination is not just for artists and dreamers—it’s a divine gift that shapes our lives, fuels our faith, and enables us to grasp God’s vision for our future. We’ll see how the heroes of faith used their imagination to partner with God’s promises, turning the unseen into reality. By daring to imagine with God, we open ourselves to the possibilities of what our lives can truly become. Join us as we discover how to align our imaginations with God’s dream for us, and how this alignment can lead to a life of greater purpose, fulfillment, and impact.


  1. How do you define a “God-sized dream,” and in what ways have you experienced or witnessed one in your life or the lives of others?
  2. Reflect on a time when doubt challenged your faith or creativity. How did you overcome it, and what role did prayer, scripture, or community play in that process?
  3. In what practical ways can we align our personal dreams with God’s bigger plan for our lives? Share examples from your own experiences.
  4. Discuss the importance of imagination in your spiritual life. How can we cultivate a holy imagination to see beyond our current circumstances?
  5. How does the concept of “dreaming big with God” influence your daily decisions and long-term goals?
  6. Share a scripture that inspires you to dream bigger and discuss how it applies to your life.
  7. How can the Holy Spirit and God’s Word fuel your imagination and dreams? Can you share a personal testimony related to this?
  8. In what ways can fear and doubt stifle our God-given creativity and dreams? Discuss strategies to combat these obstacles.
  9. How can growing your character clarify your vision for your life? Discuss the connection between spiritual maturity and clarity of purpose.
  10. Discuss the idea that a dream from God will be connected to His Church and His plan for the world. How does this perspective change the way you view your personal aspirations?

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