Why Not the Best? The Soldier

What does it truly mean to give God our best? Join us as we look at some powerful lessons we can learn from a soldier’s life to help deepen our faith and encourage us to give God our best. We’ll explore the strength found in unity, the importance of preparing for spiritual battles, and how our individual contributions weave into the greater mission God has for us. It’s about more than just showing up; it’s about being fully equipped, deeply connected, and ready to stand firm in our faith together. 


  1. Reflect on the question, “Have you given your best for God?” Can you identify areas in your life where you could give more?
  2. Consider the concept of knowing what you’re willing to die for. What are the core convictions or truths in your faith that you hold with this level of commitment?
  3. Discuss the importance of unity within the church as illustrated by the analogy of a soldier being part of a unit. How can we foster a stronger sense of unity within our community?
  4. Share a time when you recognized the enemy’s tactics in your life. How did you respond, and what did you learn from that experience?
  5. Reflect on the idea of eliminating distractions to focus on God’s calling. What are some practical steps we can take to minimize distractions in our spiritual lives?
  6. How does the analogy of a soldier preparing for battle help you understand the need for spiritual discipline and readiness?
  7. In what ways have you experienced the strength that comes from diversity within the Body of Christ?
  8. How can we better equip ourselves with the ‘armor of God’ to stand against the enemy’s schemes?
  9. Discuss the role of sacrifice in your spiritual journey. How does sacrificing personal comfort for God’s kingdom challenge or change you?
  10. Reflecting on the entire message, what is one actionable step you feel called to take in order to give your best to God?

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