The Triumphant Life – Mindset Makeovers – Part II

Have you ever felt the struggle to make lasting changes in your life? Maybe you’ve been focused on the wrong things. Changing our actions all begins by reshaping how you think. Join us for this message as Pastor Chris dives deeper into the remaining four mindset makeovers that will empower us to break free from self-destructive thinking. Real transformation happens as we equip ourselves with the tools to live abundantly and in alignment with God’s Word.


  1. Can you recall a recent moment when you turned to your faith in a time of fear or anxiety? How did it affect your mindset or actions?
  2. Many people fear being out of control. How do you personally cope with this fear, and do your beliefs or values play a role in how you manage it?
  3. Think about a challenging situation from your past. Initially, it may have been difficult or painful, but in the end, it brought positive outcomes. Can you share that experience and what you learned from it?
  4. How does your perspective on life change when you consider the long term, especially in the context of your faith or personal beliefs?
  5. Insecurity and the fear of rejection can affect anyone. Have you ever grappled with feelings of insecurity or experienced rejection? How did you handle these emotions?
  6. Trusting in a strong love, whether from a spiritual perspective or in personal relationships, can be powerful. How does knowing that you are loved unconditionally impact your actions and relationships?
  7. Are you confident in your relationship with your faith? If so, how does this assurance affect your daily life and interactions with others? If not, what steps can you take to strengthen this relationship?
  8. How do you handle moments of doubt or uncertainty in your faith? Have there been times when such moments led to personal growth or deeper understanding?
  9. When facing challenges or adversity, do you find it difficult to maintain a long-term perspective, or do you tend to focus more on short-term solutions? How might a long-term perspective influence your decision-making in such situations?
  10. In what ways can you actively remind yourself of the love and support you have, whether from a spiritual perspective or in your personal relationships, during times of insecurity or fear? Share practical strategies that have worked for you.
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