Agents of Mercy

Have you ever wanted to be a secret agent?

This week Pastor Chris wraps up our series on God’s magnificent mercy by exploring how we can be God’s agents of mercy in a world that so desperately needs it. Tune in to see what it means to put relationships over rules, just like Jesus did, and discover practical ways to make mercy our mission. Join us for a challenging message that will equip you to reflect God’s love and mercy in your everyday interactions, and show you how to become a true agent of mercy. 


  1. What stood out to you the most from the message about being an agent of mercy?
  2. How does understanding God’s mercy towards us change the way we interact with others?
  3. Why is it important to look and listen for people’s needs, and how can we start doing this in our daily lives?
  4. Can you share a time when showing mercy helped build a relationship or bring people together?
  5. Why is it difficult to overlook people’s offenses, and how can we practice not being offended by others’ sins?
  6. How do our words impact our ability to show mercy, and what are some practical ways we can communicate more kindly?
  7. Why is it crucial to prioritize relationships over rules, especially in the context of our faith?
  8. How did Jesus model valuing people over principles, and what can we learn from His example?
  9. What are some challenges you face in showing mercy, and how can we support each other in overcoming these challenges?
  10. In what ways can being an agent of mercy serve as a powerful witness to those around us?
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