The Triumphant Life – Our Battles

How is it that in the midst of the Biblical promises of freedom and goodness we still find ourselves accompanied by life’s persistent challenges?  We can find ourselves questioning why everything seems like a battle. Whether it’s dealing with money, relationships, intimacy, or understanding, these struggles can make life feel like a constant uphill climb.

Life’s battles are nothing new. From the moment Adam and Eve made their choice in the Garden of Eden, the world became a place of brokenness. Imperfection became the norm. And within this imperfect world, we’re faced with three ongoing battles that shape our experience and our walk with God.

Join us as Pastor Chris kicks off a new series titled, “The Triumphant Life” by looking at these battles and challenging our perspectives as we confront them.


  1. Have you ever felt like life’s battles and struggles are never-ending? Why do you think these challenges seem to persist despite the promises of goodness we hear about?
  2. According to the sermon, why do we experience difficulties and battles in life? How does the concept of sin tie into our struggles today?
  3. The sermon suggests that there are three battles we face: within us, around us, and against us. Can you share an example of a personal experience that aligns with each of these battles?
  4. How do you typically approach the battles you encounter in your life? Do you find yourself leaning more towards viewing them as internal struggles, external challenges, or spiritual warfare?
  5. The sermon emphasizes that through Christ, we have the power to overcome these battles. How does this perspective change the way you view and approach the challenges you face?
  6. How does faith play a role in navigating life’s battles? In what ways can leaning on your faith help you overcome the struggles you encounter?
  7. How can we strike a balance between acknowledging the brokenness of the world and maintaining hope for a better future? How does this balance affect our outlook on life’s challenges?
  8. The sermon suggests that we have a role to play in our journey towards perfection. Do you agree? What practical steps can we take to actively participate in our transformation process?
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