Let Us Pray – Goodness Empowered Prayer

Sometimes we can misinterpret God’s answers to our prayers. But guess what? God’s plans for our lives are always good, even when the world around us feels like a complete mess. And that goodness? It directly influences how He responds to our prayers, which is why His answers may vary. Whether it’s a crystal clear “go,” a patient “not yet,” a personal pause to “grow,” or a hard “no,” understanding God’s goodness becomes the rock-solid foundation that empowers our faith and fuels our trust in Him. Join us as Pastor Chris explores the incredible impact of understanding God’s goodness on our prayer life. 


  1. How has your perception of God shaped your prayer life thus far? Have there been any misconceptions or traditions that have influenced how you approach prayer?
  2. Reflect on a time when you may have viewed prayer as a duty or drudgery. What factors contributed to that mindset? How might understanding God’s goodness have transformed that experience?
  3. How does the concept of God’s goodness impact your motivation and desire to pray? In what ways can recognizing His goodness turn prayer from a ritual into a source of delight and purpose?
  4. Consider the statement, “If God is not a good God, you have zero reason to pray.” What are your thoughts on this? How does the understanding of God’s goodness give meaning and significance to our prayers?
  5. Explore the idea that God’s plans for our lives are always good, even in a broken world. How does this truth challenge our expectations and perceptions of what “good” looks like in our lives?
  6. Share a personal experience when you witnessed God’s goodness in the midst of challenging circumstances. How did that shape your trust in Him and your approach to prayer?
  7. Discuss the different ways God may answer our prayers: a resounding “yes,” a patient “not yet,” a transformative “grow,” or a hard “no.” How does understanding God’s goodness provide comfort and guidance in each of these responses?
  8. How does knowing that God’s goodness surpasses our own understanding impact our faith and reliance on Him in prayer? How can we cultivate a greater sense of trust in His plans and timing?
  9. Share practical ways in which you can anchor your prayers in the goodness of God on a daily basis. How can you remind yourself of His unwavering goodness and allow it to shape your conversations with Him?
  10. In light of this message, how can you encourage and support others in their prayer journey? How can you help them understand and embrace the transformative power of God’s goodness in their own lives?
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