Let Us Pray – Praying in 5D – Part II

Just as multiple dimensions enhance our comprehension of the universe in the realms of physics and mathematics, prayer can serve as a transformative tool, illuminating and enhancing the diverse layers of our relationship with God. Join us this week as Pastor Chris continues our exploration of the five dimensions of prayer. Building upon last week’s focus on looking backwards to the cross and upward into our Father’s embrace, we will look at three more dimensions that can enhance our prayer life and enhance our relationship with God. We will also see how communion serves as a reminder to all five of the dimensions, and how that prompts us to ask ourselves some questions that can lead to our spiritual growth. 


  1. When reflecting on the first two dimensions of prayer discussed last week (looking backwards to the cross and upward to our Father’s embrace), how have these perspectives impacted your prayer life? Share any specific experiences or insights you’ve gained.
  2. How does the awareness of Christ’s presence within you affect your approach to prayer and your daily life? Are there any challenges or barriers you face in fully embracing this truth?
  3. In what ways do you actively seek the guidance and empowerment of the Holy Spirit in your daily life? Share an example of a time when you felt led by the Spirit to make a difference in someone else’s life.
  4. How does having a forward-looking perspective impact your prayers, decisions, and priorities? In what ways does your faith in the future hope of eternity influence how you live in the present?
  5. Communion serves as a reminder of all five dimensions of prayer. How does participating in Communion deepen your understanding of these dimensions? How can the symbolism of Communion inform and enrich your prayer life moving forward?
  6. As we reflect on the message, what specific area or dimension of prayer resonated with you the most? Why? How can you actively apply what you’ve learned to deepen your prayer life and relationship with God?
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